While many associate November 11th with Remembrance day, it is also the day that I took my Japan trip with 4 of my closest friends. It’s been over a year since that fateful day and I can say it’s still the highlight of my adult life. There’s a short video at the top of the post if you want to check it out! If you want more interesting videos though, continue on reading!

The video above contains carefully selected material properly edited for viewing pleasure. However, there are a handful of short bite-sized videos that I’ve recorded that didn’t make the cut. Went through them over the weekend to find the best ones to share.

Here’s the first video I took at YVR airport.


I tried to find the next Ash Ketchum.

That time Nikki found a good ramen place.


Went to Akihabara and tried my luck on the claw game. Spoiler alert, we all didn’t get anything 🙁

Needless to say, the girls had a lot of fun singing karaoke!


JK, the guys had their fair share too.


We were in Kyoto to go to Arashiyama and it was packed!


The sketch fetch trio (Carmen, Miles and I) went to Yokohama in the hunt for food.


We all had our fun there! Maybe except Carmen on this one.


Oh, and Carmen decided to bring back a Persimon to Vancouver and stored it in her luggage.


I can’t believe it’s already been a year since that faithful trip! I met a lot of incredible people in the journey and learned a lot about myself and my friends. I’m very excited to share where I’m going next but that’s going to be for my next post.

Stay happy, Keep traveling.

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