Can't spell Digital Marketing without Mark

I'm a Digital Marketing Specialist based in Vancouver. My passion is Digital Marketing - Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization; you name it, I love it. I consider myself a student in all aspects as I never wish to stop learning. I'm obsessed with Digital Marketing and a firm believer of starting each project with why.  As Simon Sinek puts it, people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

I enjoy listening to Digital Marketing podcasts like Call to Action, Not a Real Job, and Social Media Marketing Happy Hour who all add a fun spin to Digital Marketing! One day, I wish to write as well as Tim Urban from Wait but Why.

Google Analytics and Google Adwords Certified.

Need some help with your online presence?

Search Engine Optimization
Google not treating you nice? Don't worry, Google and I go back a long way. I'll get you a ticket to the front page by implementing SEO best practices to make your website more visible.
Google Analytics
I'll tell you who your customers are, where they are coming from and how they got to your website. Let's find out how successful your website is by uncovering what actions lead to conversions.
Search Engine Marketing
We'll write empathetic ad copy and target the right people that will lead to conversions and affect your bottom line.
Email Marketing
We'll write compelling messages that will grab the audience's attention - updating them on what's happening in the industry or inviting them to your awesome webinar.
Conversion Rate Optimization
I'll follow the best practices on landing pages and continue to test to make sure that we optimize your landing page and increase your conversion rate.
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